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Asset Team Leader

Asset Team Leader

Job Description

Position Purpose:
To provide overall leadership and management to two new converting assets, a coreless SRB line and a coreless JRT line, that results in attaining and continuously improving against the World Class Manufacturing accountabilities of: Safety, Housekeeping, Human Resources, Quality, Cost, Raw Materials, Asset Management, Customer Service and Corporate Ethics.

The position will be responsible for the overall startup and operations management/integration of the new assets into the existing Mobile mill organization.

Customers and Customer Requirements:
Key customers: Mill/Plant management, sector management, team/department members, end users.


1) Safely and economically produce quality products and services.

2) Assets (materials, inventories, equipment and personnel) properly managed, maintained and developed.

3) Organization optimally structured to support business objectives.

4) Collaborative support in Product System and Site management.

5) Positive work environment maintained to promote safety, housekeeping and human relations.

6) Assets in compliance with governmental laws and requirements.

The incumbent will report to the KCP Tissue Product System Leader.

They will have a broad operations, maintenance and engineering responsibilities for the existing converting asset operations.

The incumbent provides leadership for teams which typically include members from several functional groups.

Objectives typically are focused at the Asset level, but some are Product System and Mill-wide in nature.


Up to 10% travel will be required

Qualifications/Education/Experience Required:

* Requires knowledge and ability typically associated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

* Working knowledge of KC Safety requirements and EHS systems and standards.

* Broad knowledge and significant experience in operations, engineering or project management.

* Ability to provide coaching for performance and career development to both the Hourly and Salaried teams.

* Ability to manage vendor/supplier relationships in a positive cost effective manner.

* Lead the development of Asset objectives and goals and action plans to achieve them.

* Managed in an environment where success was achieved more through leading others than possessing technical knowledge.

* Managed to a planning horizon of one year or more.

* The ability to lead organizational change, build relationships and make good use of available resources.

* Lean experience with Strategy Deployment, 4-step problem solving, visual management, TPM and 5 S.

* Able to confront problems and handle conflict

* Able to problem solve and set priorities and generate new ideas and improved ways of working while maintaining effective control.

* Able to demonstrate “World Class Leadership Practices” as well as the KC One Behaviors.

Preferred Qualifications:

* Tissue or converting mach...

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