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Linguist/Translator (Travel Only) - 17401

HII-Mission Driven Innovative Solutions, Inc.

(HII-MDIS) provides mission-critical engineering and technical service to Information Technology, Federal Civilian, and National Security, Aerospace & Defense and International government and commercial customers at over 100 locations worldwide.

HII-MDIS is currently seeking Linguists/Translators to travel full time (OCONUS and/or CONUS) for work based out of Reston, VA.

The Linguist/Translator will perform a full range of activities in processing materials or participating in situations requiring a general professional capability in Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, and Gisting/Summarizing.

In addition, the responsibilities also entail the following:

* The Linguist/Translator can accurately translate reports/texts in electronic and hardcopy formats that not only contain facts but also some abstract language showing an ability to capture intended implications and many nuances.

* The Linguist/Translator can generally capture geopolitical, regional, ethnic, and cultural elements in text.

Word choice and expression generally adhere to target language (TL) norms and means of expression specific to subject field (s) and are strong enough to allow translator to operate successively in that field.

* The Linguist/Translator must able to interpret accurately.

Normally consecutive interpretation is needed, but on rare occasions simultaneous interpretation may be requested.

* The Linguist/Translator has a good understanding of one or more regional dialects.

* The Linguist/Translator will review audio or internet materials, transcribe with high degree of accuracy and expression.

* The Linguist/Translator must possess excellent English-language written communication skills for preparing reports.

* The Linguist/Translator must be able to identify and accurately summarize factual points as well as abstract concepts.

* The Linguist/Translator can triage documentation to isolate pertinent and nuanced info.

* The Linguist/Translator must master use of reference materials.

Must possess computer skills; including MS Office, to be able to produce written translations and products and sufficient internet skills that will allow basic research on the Web.

* The Linguist/Translator must possess excellent English-language verbal communication skills for giving briefings.

Required Skills: 

* Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent formal military training or 3+ years of related work experience.

* Must, at minimum, have a general professional proficiency (3) in the foreign language and a minimum of general professional proficiency (3) in English.

* Must have, at minimum, two (2) years’ experience providing translation, interpretation and/or transcription.

* Language ability in one of the following languages: Arabic (Hassaniya, Mali dialect not Moroccan); Tamasheq; Pashto; Somali; French; Chechen; Indonesian; Dari; Farsi; Urdu; Kurdish; Rus...

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