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Male Housekeeper

Summary Objective:

The Male Housekeeper is responsible for providing a clean and safe club environment under the management of the Housekeeping Supervisor and with the support of the Housekeeping Team.

The Male Housekeeper will interact positively with prospects, members, guests, and staff to ensure a positive experience.

The Male Housekeeper is also specifically responsible for cleaning and maintaining the men’s locker room throughout his scheduled work shift.

Essential Functions:

* Deliver the ultimate fitness experience to every member, every time

* Ensure cleanliness and upkeep of all club areas to include entry ways, exits, outdoor areas, men’s locker rooms, equipment, and floors

* Help members and guests feel welcome by greeting them and assisting with any needs

* Assist members with questions, men’s lockers, or other issues in a friendly manner, referring issues as needed

* Read and interpret Safety Data Sheets for personal and patron safety

Job Responsibilities:

* Clean and maintain club and exercise equipment

* Provide all members, guests, and visitors with excellent customer service

* Ensure that the sidewalk entrance and lobby are presentable

* Clean the men’s locker rooms and stock all locker room supplies

* Process and fold all laundry to maintain a constant supply of towels in clubs

* React promptly and professionally to any issues affecting club cleanliness or safety

* Report any equipment or facilities issues to Housekeeping Supervisor or General Manager

* Maintain all supplies, products, storage rooms, and laundry room per company and OSHA standards

* Use appropriate safety equipment and precautions for handling hazardous materials

* Attend all required meetings and trainings

* Complete all paperwork as assigned

* Understand and follow employee standards of conduct and ethics

* Uphold club building, facilities, service, program, and emergency procedures

* Assume other duties as assigned

* Work morning, evening, and weekend shifts as necessary

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

* Strong work ethic that includes punctuality, organization, and attention to detail

* Ability to maintain a friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude

* Outwardly facing professional appearance

* Confidence and desire to create new relationships quickly

* Ability to quickly acquire and apply new knowledge and skills

* Ability to multitask and work well under pressure

* Basic knowledge of cleaning supplies and equipment

* Clear understanding of what constitutes a clean and sanitary environment 

Required Experience, Education & Certifications:

* High school diploma or GED preferred

* Six months commercial cleaning experience preferred

* CPR/AED and Basic First Aid certification preferred

* Pool operator license preferred

Physical Activities Required:

Physical demands listed...

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