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Explosive Performance Coach

Summary Objective:
Provide personalized attention and professional fitness instruction to Explosive Performance members, build training business through referrals, and improve members’ lives under the management of the Explosive Performance Site Director and with the Explosive Performance team.

Essential Functions:

* Develop and maintain your training business

* Help recruit and retain Explosive Performance members

* Monitor, coach, and instruct members in safe and effective exercise tactics

* Support and participate in efforts that promote Explosive Performance to become the leading sport-specific training company in the nation through education, effort, and ingenuity

Job Responsibilities:

* Provide high level of personal service and attention

* Conduct fitness assessments and Smart Start appointments

* Respond appropriately to questions, comments, and complaints from members, guests, and visitors

* Highlight and promote all activities, events, training programs, and services

* Participate in special events to recruit and educate members

* Qualify all leads using the Exercise Readiness Questionnaire and Member Questionnaire

* Attend all mandatory EP meetings and development

* Record floor hours worked and upload into the online backup system prior to commission deadline

* Only redeem personal training sessions for which service has been rendered or forfeited due to 24-hour cancellation policy

* Only provide ongoing service to members with a personal training agreement on file

* Understand and follow employee standards of conduct and ethics

* Understand and uphold club building, facilities, service, program, and emergency procedures

* Complete all in-house training as assigned

* Assume other duties as assigned

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

* Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills

* Excellent listening skills

* Ability to motivate and nurture others

* Strong work ethic that includes punctuality, organization, and attention to detail

* Ability to maintain a friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude

* Outwardly facing professional appearance

* Confidence and desire to create new relationships quickly

* Ability to quickly acquire and apply new knowledge and skills

* Ability to conduct Smart Start and movement analysis, and create appropriate fitness programs for members

* Train on Explosive Performance-specific methods such as: Trigger Point Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, Dynamic Flexibility, Linear Speed, Acceleration, Multi-Directional Speed, Functional Movement Screening, Keiser Power, TRX training

Required Experience, Education & Certifications:

* Nationally recognized Personal Training certification from a US Fitness accepted provider is required within 30-days of hire

* CPR/AED and Basic First Aid required

* Current continuing education credentials ...

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